April 16, 2014

Word of the Day

I was out running errands yesterday with little miss in tow, and had to stop for an oil change. The man at the counter assured me that the task would be completed with the utmost of expedience. After all it was the express service. But, then he said something about me that caught me off guard. He had used the word of the day. What word do you think it is?

 Radiant? Astounding? Charming? Nope. None of those positive picker-uppers. Instead, he said " I'll make sure this goes through our express service, because you sure look exhausted, completely EXHAUSTED!" And I am positive he put an oomph on the word, every time he used it. 

At the end of the trip, he used the E word  yet again. Hello! Synonym much? This time saying, " Ok all done. I know what it's like having children. Well, not physically but they are so exhausting. Now, you can go home and get some rest."  

Here's the sad part, I wasn't exhausted. I actually dressed up. I put in an effort to put on some light makeup, and look presentable. Quite a change from the last few months. I was proud of myself for trying. How then did I look exhausted?  Was it his assumption because I was holding a baby?  Was it a lame attempt at being cordial?

 Whatever it was, it bugged me, and I couldn't figure it out why. What does it matter if some random person thinks I look exhausted. Maybe it's my pregnancy hormones, who knows? 

but.... I will admit
All I really wanted is some recognintion. Some positive reinforcement. Anything that acknowledged how I felt. Something like: 
"Wow, great job multi-tasking!" or "Saving the world before bedtime!"
Is that too much to ask?


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