August 8, 2014

Green with Digital Envy

Focus on Self-improvement 

Katie got into law school? Susie is taking another vacation to the Bahamas? Jeremy graduated from Pharm School? Jack got a new car?

Oh my!

And then I think to myself- What have I done recently? Everyone seems to be doing better than me.

{Cue violins, dark stormy clouds, etc }

I can't tell you how many times I have felt like this after going through all my social media accounts. I start thinking about how I'm behind in life, or how I'm not going places. I start complaining to my husband that we need to take more trips, or should have delayed having children so I could have applied to law school. Usually, he gives me a look of disdain. But, when I continue to persist, he gives me insight to things that I didn't even think of like:

Katie may have gotten into law school, but doesn't have the money to pay for it and will have to get loans and be indebted before her career even starts

Susie may have not vacationed that much earlier as a child, and has the means to do it now

Jeremy graduated from pharmacy school but may not be able to find a job immediately

Jack may have been saving to buy his new car for years

We don't really know the back stories, or what the future may entail for any scenario we think we may know. He tells me to focus on myself. Focus on self-improvement.

This conversation always makes me feel better, and every time we've had it I've learned to shift my thought pattern a different way. I've been doing that the last few times I get this way. If I think differently from the onset, I feel better at the end of my social media session. I haven't become a sage or anything but...

Here is what I've realized-

Every person is on their own path. Their unique journey. Look inside yourself, and find ways to make changes to get where you want rather than feeling jealous or upset.

Now, if I could only get myself to follow my own advice... more often that is 

There was an article published in the Wall Street Journal that mentioned that if you have such feeling of envy or want, it's better to put it to good use than getting worked up about it. It suggests to use the feelings of wanting more to good use. Instead of focusing what you could have done- turn it around to focus on you will do in the future to get your life the way you want it. Let others fuel your desire to work harder, and succeed at what you wish to do.

It's so easy to be swept into the lure of social media. It's an excellent way to keep in touch with friends, family, and co-workers but can be detrimental to overall health- BUT, only if you let it.

It is a slow process, but putting all this into perspective has helped put me be at ease with where I am in life at this very moment.

I need to let myself be my guide, and be my own benchmark for success, not someone else. I understand this can't happen in a day, But I know I can work toward it.

Have you ever felt this way? Have you overcome it?

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