July 30, 2014

All Organized for Baby!

I was ready to pull out my hair trying to figure out how to get all the baby stuff sorted out, and for it to be in a convenient place. Of course,  I also wanted to stay within our budget. I explored my options with many trips to all the big stores, and realized this wasn't going to be easy unless I had a plan.

I kept going, getting overwhelmed, and heading home- feeling defeated. There are so many choices out there!

Begin by setting up a registry, online or at your favorite baby store (s). This will help you know what you're going to be bringing home.

After the baby shower, I had a sense of what I had received, and what I needed, and how I was going to set it all up.

So, here is how to get started:

  1. The first step to getting organized for baby is designating a space/room/ or item specifically for baby. I decided this piece was going to be my changing table- see newborn survival tools 
  2. Next, decide what items you need front and center. These items will need to be the most accessible- diapers, creams, lotions, burping cloths, cotton balls, etc
  3. Then, I went to Target to find containers. I initially had found really cute boxes, but those weren't as practical. I decided on the dollar-a-box clear plastic boxes that they have for shoes
  4. I used each box as to divide up the items as I needed- bibs, socks, diapers, creams, and baby laundry, and cotton balls
  5. Designate a space for baby's clothes like a dresser drawer. We didn't have enough space to offer her a closet. So, I bought a small dresser for her to use for her clothes. 
  6. I like to wash baby's clothes prior to her wearing them. I washed newborn, and 0-3 month clothes, and set them up in the first drawer. These were ready to go a month before my due to date. 
  7. Section off clothes received that are not the size you are using in the gift bags received, or in baby's closet. One section for 1-3 month clothes, one for 3-6 months, etc
  8. Pre-pack a duffel bag or carry-on bag with baby clothes, a few diapers, breast feeding supplies or bottles to take to the hospital. This way you are not scrambling when the time comes. I created this 3 weeks ahead of my due date. 

Getting organized before baby arrives will help so much. We had all this set up so were able to hit the ground running when little miss arrived 2 weeks early. Before we left for the hospital, my husband put on the crib sheet. We grabbed our carry-on bag with baby clothes, and were on our way quickly as soon as my water broke. 

When we brought her home, all her stuff was ready to go making it so convenient to change and feed her. The stress of getting it done before hand was so worth it, since I had more baby time! I wasn't focused on anything but her since everything was set-up prior to her arrival!

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