May 14, 2014

Baby Showers bring May flowers!

I was due in July, and the baby shower was held mid-may.  It was a little too close to my due date for my taste, but we had to push it back to accommodate everyone's schedules. 
I remember it being really hot, and my feet were swelling up like little puffer fish.
Even though we knew we were expecting a girl, we kept the theme neutral for the baby shower. There were just too many pink options. I have nothing against pink, I just wanted something different. Turns out the yellow and gray combination looks really great too!

 I got a lot of the ideas from Pinterest, and relayed them on to my sister, (she set it all up!) 

Here is how everything turned out!

These were our party lanterns. You can purchase them from the link. They were a bit of a pain to hang, but the overall look was great. 
They are so inexpensive, and look so chic! Double win!

The cake was everything I had ever wanted. I was lucky to have an experienced french baker make our baby shower cake. It was mocha flavored, with a chocolate cream filling. The cake topper was the cutest thing ever! Although, my husband and I thought the topper looks more like a boy than a girl. What do you think? 

I was gifted these little babies to offer as party favors from a friend. I didn't use them as party favors, but added pins to them to use for a game! 

These are the gift bags for those winning prizes in the games. They were filled with candles, picture frames, nail polish sets, etc. You can make these simple party favors by using party bags, and wrapping with colorful ribbon and filling with treats your guest will love!

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