May 30, 2014

Book Review Fridays- She's Come Undone

Okay, I'll admit I wanted to read the book after seeing the cover.  Luckily, the adage of judging a book on its cover led to a positive discovery because this was indeed a good read. If looks aren't your thing, or you're just not the believing kind, She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb comes recommended in the Oprah Book Club, and is a New York Times Bestseller. 

It's a thought-provoking adventure of a woman's journey to be at peace with herself. She deals with neglect, sexual abuse, obesity, and emotional trauma. That's a lot for one person to deal with! The book opens with our main character Dolores Price dealing with her Dad's affair with another women, and leaving her mother. This serves as a root cause for the issues that lie ahead. Immediately, this evokes the readers emotions; especially the case if some themes are close to heart. 
And, that's the hook. You're in for the read. 

However, in this case, I was in for the read. 

Dolores is an incredibly complex woman, and completely relate-able. I find this especially true for young women yearning to find themselves. She falls in love with a man for all the wrong reasons (who hasn't done this?), marries, and is forced by her husband to have an abortion. The resentment she feels from this causes her to reexamine her life as she then realizes that she cannot run her life based on someone else's goals. This is the turning point in her life. She leaves her husband, and begins to focus on herself. She is able to turn her life around. Life is further bliss when she finally meets a man she can trust. The story ends at this point as Dolores resolves that she is at peace with herself. 

Of course, this is a very brief synopsis of the story, and actually reading through it is a lot more fun! I think it's worth the time, and offers a good lesson:  It takes time to find yourself. It also gives a positive outcome for a woman dealing with many troubling issues, and who doesn't like that?

If you would like to read this book, you can follow the link to buy it here

Score: 3.7 out of 5

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